Aerobic Septic Systems for Portland, Maine, and the Surrounding Areas

What does an aerobic septic system do and how does it work? Bacteria that work aerobically break down septic tank waste more efficiently than bacteria that work anaerobically. The aerobic treatment tank uses a mechanism to circulate air inside the tank, which accelerates the bacterial activity and facilitates the treatment process. Electrical current is required to power this mechanism.

Aerobic Septic System with Spray

A micro aerobic septic system is the least expensive septic system in the market. This system is one of our most popular systems due to its affordability, longevity, and spray field system that doubles as an irrigation source for a lawn. When properly cared for and maintained, an aerobic septic system with a spray can regularly last a lifetime, and repair costs tend to be minimal. Nevertheless, it does require an even bigger yard than our other options.

Aerobic Septic System with Drip

Septic systems have similar principles to a drip irrigation system in a garden for watering your plants and vegetables. Once wastewater has been treated and filtered, it is distributed into the surrounding soil through numerous perforated drain pipes. In particular, drip systems have the advantage that they require less space, which is significant.

Aerobic Septic Systems with Portland Septic Service

Businesses and homeowners in Portland, Maine, and surrounding areas rely on the knowledgeable septic service team at Portland Septic Service to handle their septic needs. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about the types of septic systems or when you are unsure of what you need. Portland Septic Service is the go-to company in the Portland area when you require septic installation fast. Locally owned and still going strong, we take pride in being the first choice for septic services in Portland, Maine. We invite you to schedule a consultation by contacting us today!

Why Portland Septic Service?

For highly qualified and experienced personnel who are licensed for septic system repairs and replacements, we recommend Portland Septic Service. We are not only licensed to maintain your septic system, but we are also authorized to repair and pump it when these services are needed. As a locally-owned and managed septic service company, we offer the customer service and attention we would expect from partners we do business with.

We provide 24/7 emergency repair service since we understand septic systems often fail when least expected. We also know that septic system maintenance is a critical step and should not be attempted by an untrained individual. Your system can only be properly maintained by a professional to make sure its performance lasts longer while producing the highest-quality effluent.

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