Septic System Maintenance Services In Portland, Maine, and the Surrounding Areas

Providing complete septic service for all of your pumping needs, Portland Septic Service is the place to go. Our aim is to ensure that your septic system is of the highest quality possible. The truth is if you think we don’t do a quality job and a good job at a fair price, we won’t be doing business with you! Utilizing only leading-edge equipment and techniques, we are able to deliver the highest quality results attainably.

One of the most common things people have about septic systems is “How often do I need to pump the tank?” and “Will I have to add anything to it in order for it to work?” Maintaining your septic systems is important to prevent costly system failure. It is imperative that you maintain your tank regularly. It is far less costly to maintain your system regularly than to repair or replace it. In order to protect the environment and the health of the community, you should pump your tank regularly. Scheduled maintenance programs are essential to maintaining equipment’s structural integrity and avoiding costly repairs or replacements. Occasionally, the bottom of the tank is pumped out to remove the accumulation of organic matter.

How We Can Help!

As a fully licensed, bonded, and insured septic systems company in Portland, Maine, we provide septic system installation, maintenance, and repair services in the area. Some of the services we provide include:

● Solid Waste Backup
● Flooded Drain Field
● Septic System Backup
● And More Septic System Maintenance Services!

We offer all of our customers a free quote on all septic system maintenance we provide.

Solid Waste Backup

Solid waste backup in your septic system may occur when your septic system is not properly maintained. It could be that water and sewage are backing up in the home from toilets, sinks, and drains. Sinks, tubs, and showers drain very slowly. The plumbing system is making gurgling sounds. Septic tanks or drain fields with standing water or damp spots. A foul odor may be present in the drainage field. Even in dry weather, you can see lush, green grass over the septic tank or drainage system. Ponds or lakes nearby bloom with algal blooms. Or severe nitrate contamination in water wells.

Flooded Drain Field

There is a limit to how much water can pass through the drainfield surrounding your septic tank. Whenever the drainfield is flooded by stormwater or by bodies of water, the septic tank can fail to function properly. Your basement or home can be flooded by wastewater. When you have a sewage system, you can have Portland Septic Service prevent any drain field flooding and respond when there is an existing one.

Septic System Backup

It is often possible to spot five warning signs that may indicate the need to have your septic tank pumped during a septic system backup. Overgrown grass and garbage around the septic tank, standing groundwater near the tank, clogged drains, sewage backups, bad odors, and a patch of sewage backup. Portland Septic Service can help diagnose and resolve your problems if you ever experience any of the above issues.

Don’t hesitate to schedule one of our free service quotes over the phone, and we’ll handle all your septic system maintenance, as well as septic system pumping services. During your property inspection, our contractors will run through some of your maintenance options for your septic system. Call us at 207-560-8911 for more information on how we can assist you.